2016 Dates to Know


January 31: Health Insurance: Open enrollment ends for Marketplace insurance. You may qualify for other special enrollment periods (i.e. marriage, birth of child).calendar

March 15: If your company offered a grace period for your FSA funds, you must spend any balance by March 15.

April 1: Required Minimum Distributions – if you turned 70 ½ in 2015 then you must begin taking RMDs by April 1. You must continue to take a withdrawal by December 31 of this year and every following year (yes, two in 2016 if you did not take one in 2015).

April 18: Federal tax filing deadline

April 30: Social Security Benefit Changes Occur: If you are 62 before January 1 you still have until April 30 to “file and suspend” allowing you to apply for spousal benefits at full retirement age letting your own benefit grow. Beginning May 1, no one will be able to collect benefits during a suspension period and all lump sum payout options end.

Oct 15-Dec 7: Open Enrollment for Medicare

December 31: RMDs must be completed