2017 Two Minute Review


fullsizerenderTo prepare for 2017 , please take a moment to answer the following.

  • My estate plan is current. Will, trust, living will, powers of attorney have correct beneficiaries, my assets are updated, etc.
  • My insurance coverage is appropriate. My homeowners covers my home value, car insurance is up to date for all drivers, I have umbrella insurance. My life and disability are keeping pace with my income, family needs, etc.
  • I am saving money to an investment, savings, and/or retirement account. I have reviewed this plan. I am increasing my savings as my income increases.
  • I have reviewed 2016 expenses and have planned for 2017 expenses. I canceled old subscriptions. I updated accounts with current payment info (auto drafts). I have reviewed my credit card benefits.
  • I have reviewed my FSA/HSA and made changes as needed.

These are just a handful of the significant items to address now. If you answered no to any of these, let’s get together and work on what needs to be addressed.