Budgeting with Inconsistent Income

If you’re a business owner or freelancer, you know what it’s like to have inconsistent income. Many times, it’s through no fault of your own. Business tends to have peak seasons, and depending on the industry you’re in, the financial difference between seasons can be dramatic. When you have an inconsistent cash flow, budgeting can […]

Tax Outlook

Tax Outlook The current tax proposal creates many unanswered questions for planners and clients. There is little time left in the year and no one knows if the bill will pass this year. At this point it is very unclear whether tax payers will face a lower or increased tax burden. Two positive aspects of […]

2017 Year End Checklist

Download this two page year-end checklist to wrap up 2017 and get started on the right foot for 2018!  

Equifax Hack: What You Can Do

Equifax Hack: What You Can Do As you’ve heard Experian’s data was compromised, and unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be a thing that is going away. (Remember the Target, Home Depot hacks, or even Equifax?) There are several things you may want to consider doing to help protect against or at least monitor breaches if […]

Financial Education for Your New College Student

All high school graduates should have their own checking account or joint account with a parent by this time. You can more easily transfer funds as needed and watch spending in the first year of college. Go over each expense in detail, in addition to tuition and books, such as a cell phone, car insurance, […]

Smart Beta

Many of you have asked about Smart Beta or Factor Investing lately. First, beta refers to the tendency of a stock’s returns to respond to changes in the market. Typically, the beta of a stock or security is measured against an index such as the S&P 500. =1 A beta of 1 indicates that the […]

2017 Two Minute Review

To prepare for 2017 , please take a moment to answer the following. My estate plan is current. Will, trust, living will, powers of attorney have correct beneficiaries, my assets are updated, etc. My insurance coverage is appropriate. My homeowners covers my home value, car insurance is up to date for all drivers, I have […]

Robo Advisors???

There are so many commercials on TV today about Robo Advisors or companies that can invest your money for you at a low cost. It’s almost as bad as the medication commercials. So what is a Robo Advisor? In my opinion, the more appropriate name is Robo Allocator. Essentially, these services are offering low cost […]

Top 5 Reasons to Consider Disability Insurance

Disability insurance can help replace lost income due to an injury or illness for either a short period of time or for years. You have no idea what kind of illness or accident can occur. Disability insurance covers much more than not being able to work due to a bad car accident. Most causes of […]

2016 Dates to Know

January 31: Health Insurance: Open enrollment ends for Marketplace insurance. You may qualify for other special enrollment periods (i.e. marriage, birth of child). March 15: If your company offered a grace period for your FSA funds, you must spend any balance by March 15. April 1: Required Minimum Distributions – if you turned 70 ½ […]