Smart Beta

Many of you have asked about Smart Beta or Factor Investing lately. First, beta refers to the tendency of a stock’s returns to respond to changes in the market. Typically, the beta of a stock or security is measured against an index such as the S&P 500. =1 A beta of 1 indicates that the […]

2017 Two Minute Review

To prepare for 2017 , please take a moment to answer the following. My estate plan is current. Will, trust, living will, powers of attorney have correct beneficiaries, my assets are updated, etc. My insurance coverage is appropriate. My homeowners covers my home value, car insurance is up to date for all drivers, I have […]

Robo Advisors???

There are so many commercials on TV today about Robo Advisors or companies that can invest your money for you at a low cost. It’s almost as bad as the medication commercials. So what is a Robo Advisor? In my opinion, the more appropriate name is Robo Allocator. Essentially, these services are offering low cost […]

Top 5 Reasons to Consider Disability Insurance

Disability insurance can help replace lost income due to an injury or illness for either a short period of time or for years. You have no idea what kind of illness or accident can occur. Disability insurance covers much more than not being able to work due to a bad car accident. Most causes of […]

2016 Dates to Know

January 31: Health Insurance: Open enrollment ends for Marketplace insurance. You may qualify for other special enrollment periods (i.e. marriage, birth of child). March 15: If your company offered a grace period for your FSA funds, you must spend any balance by March 15. April 1: Required Minimum Distributions – if you turned 70 ½ […]

Participating in Household Financial Planning

What to do when your significant other doesn’t participate in the household planning It is still very common to find that only one person in a relationship handles all the finances. We think that younger generations keep separate accounts and pay for expenses separately, but I have seen that once people live together for a while, […]

Major Changes to Social Security Spousal Claiming

Social Security planning took a big blow this week when a bill was signed into law that eliminates “file and suspend” options for spousal benefits. People already implementing this strategy will be able to continue to do so and only those that turn 62 by the end of 2015 will be able to. Additionally if […]

Pay for College or Save for Retirement?

Recent surveys have shown that 74% of parents today have started saving for their children’s college. This seems like a very high percentage to me, but upon further reading it turns out that only about 27% of the costs will be funded. This leaves almost ¾ of increasing tuition, books, room and board costs that […]

Elder Protection and The Pause Law

The “Pause Law” is a relatively new law that allows a financial advisor to put a “pause” on a financial transaction should he or she suspect there may be elder abuse or fraud occurring. The law was initially enacted in 2010 in Washington state and other states are beginning to follow suit. If the advisor […]

Five Things Kids Don’t Get and Easy Ways to Help Them Learn

Kids want to be involved and they want to help. As adults we often put children off by saying simply “no” or “that doesn’t concern you” without actually explaining why to them. By involving kids they can begin to better understand why we have to sometimes say no and how money really works. Taxes: Any […]