Planning for your Digital Assets

When doing comprehensive financial planning, I review each client’s Will, Power of Attorney for Finance or Healthcare, the Living Will, Trust, etc.  Some of the things I look for are who the beneficiaries are, when the last time the documents were updated, and what the intentions are for assets to be passed along. I discuss […]

iPhone Tips

  Ash Brokerage is my partner in providing you life insurance quotes and we work together on complex insurance cases. They compiled this short, but invaluable list of iPhone tricks. Shake to undo. Make a mistake while typing? No worries – just give your phone a brisk shake, and it will ask you if you’d like to […]

Letter on Widowhood

  A client shared a letter with me that her friend in Britain recently wrote. I was touched by it and asked to share it with you. She kindly let me take pictures of the real mailed letter so I could reprint in our newsletter. I heard someone say today that no one ever writes […]

Inherited IRAs Not Protected in Bankruptcy

  The Supreme Court ruled in July that inherited IRAs are not considered retirement accounts and are not protected from creditors in a bankruptcy proceeding. The unanimous ruling changes how we view accounts and inheritances. For example, if you have a substantial IRA that will pass to your child at your death, this money is subject […]

Domestic Violence in College

Domestic Violence in College Before sending your children off to college, talk with them about relationships and abuse.  We all know that teenagers do not want to listen to us or talk about things “that will never happen to them.”  We also don’t want to think that DV could happen to our children.  However, DV […]

Investment Warning Signs

  INVESTMENT WARNING SIGNS I recently came across a post on Facebook that made me both very happy and cringe at the same time.  The status update asked the Facebook world for recommendations on investments so that the couple could begin really saving for retirement.  That made me smile.  The bad part? I just knew […]

Health Insurance and Premium Tax Credits

  Did you purchase health insurance through the Exchange? If so, has your income changed since you signed up? If you are in the position where your income increased due to a raise, new job, more hours, there are a few things to consider regarding your health insurance premium. Your initial premium was set based […]

Breaking Up and Money

    I am going to assume that as adults, we all know someone – a family member, friend, co-worker – who has gone through or is facing a divorce.  It is an extremely emotional and stressful situation for everyone involved. The breaking up of long-time partners can be just as devastating as a divorce. […]

20/20 Rule – Retirement Contributions

    Have you heard of the proposed 20/20 rule?  It’s not your eyesight at stake.  It’s your vision of your retirement! This rule was originally proposed in 2012; however, it is still on the table. The 20/20 Rule would limit the amount of total employer and employee annual contributions to the LOWER of $20,000 or […]