What’s a ROTH?

  What’s a Roth? Investors under 34 have 8 times as much money in Roths than traditional IRAs.  A ROTH IRA is a type of individual retirement account that allows the owner to deposit money on an after-tax basis today and be able to withdraw it at a later date tax- free.  (A Traditional IRA […]

Paying Down Debt

  Paying Down Debt What’s your philosophy on paying down debt? Pay a lot on the smallest balance first just to get it out of the way. Pay the minimum on every balance. Throw all of your money at the highest interest rate balance and then move to the next after it’s paid off? There […]

College and Financial Independence

COLLEGE AND FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE Weddings, babies, new homes – and now graduations! My friend’s little sister was accepted to college on a swimming scholarship today. How did that happen? Where did the time go? I swear she was still in middle school. This made think about my going off to college, out-of-state, alone, not knowing […]

Ethical Wills

  ETHICAL WILLS Do you have a Will or Trust that states what money and assets go to what heirs? You probably do and for some it may be enough. But some people worry about a particular child spending all of the money in a short period of time or not acting in responsible ways. […]


    Community Activity: We provided dinner for the families of the Ronald McDonald House in January. Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers! As part of Allegiant’s philosophy in giving back to our community, we provided dinner to the residents of Ronald McDonald House in January.  Parents, patients, and their siblings enjoy these […]

Life Insurance Tips

    Don’t delay on having your life insurance policies analyzed. As insurance pricing has actually decreased over the years, you may be able to get more coverage for the same premium, or lower your premium for the same coverage, etc. Tips: Don’t let a loan get out of control. If the policy lapses, you […]

Theft on Campus

    Yesterday, my friend posted on Facebook that her backpack, laptop, books, pens, and notebooks were stolen from U of M campus.  She momentarily got up from her seat and turned around and the whole backpack was gone.  She reported the theft to the campus police who got right to work on it.  (Surprisingly, […]