Theft on Campus

    Yesterday, my friend posted on Facebook that her backpack, laptop, books, pens, and notebooks were stolen from U of M campus.  She momentarily got up from her seat and turned around and the whole backpack was gone.  She reported the theft to the campus police who got right to work on it.  (Surprisingly, […]

It’s Too Late for Me to Start Saving for Retirement

    FALSE.  NOT TRUE. NO WAY. I firmly believe that saving at any age just gets you one step closer to helping provide funds for your retirement.  Typically, 10% of your income should be set aside for savings and retirement funds.  You may save less or more, but the first step is to sit […]

Community Event!

  Join Allegiant Dinner and Game Night at St. Jude’s Ronald McDonald House January 30, 6-8pm 535 Alabama Avenue Memphis, TN 38105 Please RSVP by January 27. or 901-201-5656 As part of Allegiant’s philosophy in giving back to our community, we will be providing dinner to the residents of Ronald McDonald House on January 30.  […]

More I Why I Love Memphis

      Sorry for the delay! I’ll get them up all up one day! Day 53: The sunsets Day 54: The Pop-ups: We have so many Pop-up shops now! I am excited to see these tiny stores and the communities promoting locally made goods and artists.  This helps to keep money within our community! […]

End of Year Estate Planning

    Are your beneficiaries current on your life insurance policies, retirement plans, etc.? Have you gotten divorced, has a beneficiary passed away, have you changed your mind on who should inherit? Are your beneficiaries the age of majority for their state?  See article below. Have there been any significant changes to your situation that […]

Leaving Money to Minors

    Many times we see clients who have named their minor children as beneficiaries to their life insurance policies or IRAs, etc.   While the intention is good, the outcome can have unintended negative consequences.  So, what does it matter if you leave your insurance death benefit or your IRA to a minor? Anyone at […]

Year-End Tax Tips

    YEAR-END TAX TIPS 1. Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) – You must take your first required minimum distribution for the year in which you turn age 70½. However, the first payment can be delayed until April 1 of the year following the year in which you turn 70½. For all subsequent years, including the […]

I’m leaving my job, what do I do with my 401(k)?

    Whether you have a 401(k) or a 403(b), you have several options for what to do with your money when you leave your employer. You may leave your money in the plan.  (Some companies require that you move it in a certain time though.) You might be able to transfer the money to […]

Memphis, Got to Love It!

    Day 40:  Prince Mongo Seriously.  So Mongo may not always have the best yard to live next to, but I grew up next door to him when he lived on South Main.  He was always super nice and had some interesting story to tell.  I particularly loved his Rottweiler, Stucy (sp?).  Mongo has […]

Planning for Life Not Just Money

    Financial Planning encompasses your entire life.  It’s not just about how much you are saving or what you are invested in. Does this sound familiar? “I don’t need a financial plan because I already contribute to my 401(k), I pay all my bills on time and my debt is manageable, I have health […]