Disability Insurance

    What is Disability Insurance? Regardless of your marital status, all workers should be familiar with disability insurance and how it works.  Sometimes singles think that they don’t have a need for insurance because there is no one else they have to help support.  However, everybody should review this topic, especially singles because there […]

Are Those Wedding Bells and Rattles I Hear?

    Two engagements of friends in one month.  Three friends expecting babies this summer.  It seems like every five years these events come in waves! Are you expecting a proposal or new baby?  If so, what have you done to plan for these amazing life events?  If your answer was, “I came up with […]

Becoming a CFP

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  The weather was amazing! I am often asked, “Why did you get into this business?” I worked as a paralegal for several years and contemplated law school for a while. Then one day my father and I discussed my grandfather’s situation after my grandmother […]

Starting Out…

    Welcome to my first blog post!  The first thing to do is to explain why Allegiant Financial Planning was formed.  I realized that so many friends and acquaintances were starting great new jobs, had inherited a little money, were constantly asking me what to do with a 401(k), or getting…..divorced.  They didn’t have a […]